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“You helped me clarify my goals and create pathways to move towards these goals w.ith a spirit of enthusiasm and determination.” Louise Maddock, Australia

For 40 years I've done what my father did, worked hard. Am I proud of this achievement? You bet. My father was my mentor, a great man. Is this how I want to spend the next 40 years of my life? No thanks.” Steve Johnson, Australia

About Us

Paul and Mary Blackburn

We were both born and bred in different parts of Sydney Australia in 1951 to almost diametrically opposed families. Not destined to meet until we met as high school teachers new to the job in 1974, Mary was brought up in a home with no car, phone or loans. A lay-by was an extravagance.

Paul was taught that anything that couldn't be done was just something that hadn't been figured out yet.

Both families of origin were delighted to see their kids enter the teaching profession as it represented that most ideal of situations - the well paying job that had 'security' attached.

It didn't take our intrepid new couple long to figure out that 'security' had a down side and they started looking for ways to increase their income. A combination of modest pay and adventurous young spirit propelled them into the world of business - at which Paul in particular proved pretty ordinary.

Having swallowed a couple of brave pills and departed the safe shores of government employ while Mary stayed on to play the roll of financial backstop, Paul discovered the necessity to persuade people and make a sale - if he was to be successful. Most of the early attempts were like playing amateur golf. Somewhere in the eighteen holes, a golden stroke does no more than lure the unsuspecting back into the game.

How much "getting nowhere" is enough to discourage?

By the early nineteen eighty's Paul was what we would now refer to as depressed. Back then the term was only used in reference to fractures of the skull - but it felt a bit the same.

A personal development book randomly plucked off the book store shelves when the self help section also contained mechanics and plumbing manuals proved to be his turning point.

Entranced by the idea that 'thoughts were things', an Anthony Robbins style workshop was quickly devoured, dissected and served up to any one who would listen and quite a few who hadn't asked. Many more workshops were attended in short order by our new convert.

Not long afterwards, (May 1984) Beyond Success was launched and the rest is history. It perhaps (depending on how and what you count) the single most successful personal development company in the coutry.

Our big claim is that You Can Have It All.

We believe (and have proved countless numbers of times) that relationships, happiness, wealth and health do not come "one at the expense of the other".

Our lives serve as testament to that proposition and normally we wouldn't say this but in these modern times people ask if we are able to walk the talk.

Health At 57 Paul and Mary are both fit and healthy having put a death sentence (prostate cancer) to bed five and a half years ago.

Wealth We obviously know how to make a quid, have several different investment strategies operational, holiday 3 months of the year, own Harleys, Benzs and planes, live on 250 acres just near Canberra and donate more to charity than most people earn in a year.

Happiness As a general underlying state of mind - we are happy beyond our wildest expectations. Of course we have the ups and downs of a normal life but they rarely interfere.

Relationships Being married to your best friend is a miracle hard to describe but remaining in love and waking each morning to see the face of your soul mate - after 33 years (fill in your own words... - I'm speechless)